We have received approval from ethical review boards in both the U.S. and India to conduct an impact study on the effectiveness of the adolescent health, SEL, and CAAP components. Our outcomes of measurement are:

Primary outcomes:

  • improve understanding of key reproductive health issues

  • improve self-esteem

  • improve self-efficacy

  • improve responsible decision-making skills

  • decrease school drop out

  • improve school attendance

Secondary outcomes:

  • improve social support systems

  • improve psychosocial well-being

To measure outcomes related to the SEL component, we have developed a scientifically sound questionnaire--administered at baseline and endline-- that has been adapted to the local context. The questionnaire includes validated measures that have been used previously to demonstrate the impact of SEL programs in the United States.

The adolescent health component will be evaluated based on two questionnaires. One uses an amalgam of scales related to adolescent mental health found in reputable public health literature. The other measures participants' understanding of reproductive health issues covered in the curriculum. The questionnaire comes from the curriculum itself.

CAAP outcomes are measured via a questionnaire administered by EEWs during field visits as well as attendance data generated by the eAttendance software.